In Disney's My Son Pinocchio JR., the classic tale of toymaker, Geppetto’s, little wooden puppet is given new life. This new musical, which retells the classic Disney story from Geppetto’s perspective, features the beloved classic songs, “When You Wish upon a Star” and “I’ve Got No Strings,” alongside a host of new songs by Oscar winner and Grammy Award winner, Stephen Schwartz.

Join the Blue Fairy, Stromboli and a lively cast of characters as Geppetto journeys beyond the toyshop to discover the meaning of family. When the Blue Fairy grants Geppetto's wish to bring his beloved puppet to life, the new father quickly learns that being a parent is full of challenges. He struggles to make his son "the perfect boy," only to lose him to a gang of Roustabouts. It is only when faced with the thought of never seeing Pinocchio again that Geppetto truly learns the joys of being a father and loving his child unconditionally.


My Son Pinocchio, Jr. is more than just a cute story with classic and memorable music. It is a magical show chock full of powerful themes that will make our audiences feel something! My prayer and vision is that you will be especially moved by the theme of acceptance. That none of us are perfect, but we are ALL unique. We are called to accept one another, and forgive each other for our mistakes and imperfections.

Pinocchio wants to follow instructions, make his dad proud, and become a real boy. A GOOD boy! The problem is he doesn’t know how, and he always seems to mess it up! Gepetto wants to be a good father, but he is human. He has a temper and he gets frustrated. Many of the other parents in the show say things in moments of anger that they should not say. Children throw temper tantrums and run to Pleasure Island to cause trouble.

We are all imperfect, but we are created in God’s image and we don’t need to be “fixed”. We certainly don’t need to “fix” others either.

This show has roles for all ages. There are many fun and comedic characters of all ages, as well as a few characters—mostly the adults in the story—with a bit more depth and maturity.  There is a natural division in the story between adults and children. Many of the scenes and musical numbers draw attention to this contrast by focusing on conflict between parents and their children, or other adults and children. Characteristics such as your height, vocal range, and ability to appear childlike or mature will weigh heavily in the casting process.

As a general rule, don’t use any accents. Be yourself! That being said, there are a few select moments/characters in the show where a strong, slightly exaggerated Italian accent could be appropriate and add some humor. If you think you have a good Italian accent, feel free to show us during your monologue even if it’s just one phrase. An accent is NOT required, and it WILL NOT reflect negatively on your audition if you don’t have one.

I want every audience member to hear and understand every single word you say. It is very important for you to speak and sing clearly, accentuating all consonants and projecting a clear and bright sound. This is my special assignment for you and this factor will weigh heavily in the casting of all speaking and solo singing roles!

Pick a song from a musical that showcases your range and most importantly reveals your character! There is no specific genre requirement. Your song selection alone tells the artistic team something about you, so pick something that is “you”! Also, no a capella please, we want to see that you can hear the rhythm and blend with the music.

My prayer is that you bring laughs and tears to our audiences through your genuine and subtle expression of the characters in the story, that you inspire them to accept themselves for who they are, and maybe before they leave they’ll make a wish upon a star!

God is planning a perfect show, and I am so excited YOU are going to be a part of it!

-Christopher St James, Director

Dates / Times:

  • Thursday, May 7th @ 9:30am  
  • Friday, May 8th @ 7:00pm
  • Saturday, May 9th @ 2:00pm
  • Saturday, May 9th @ 7:00pm
  • Sunday, May 10th @ 2:00pm
  • School Days Performance
Tickets go on sale Sunday March 8, 2020 at 12:00am

Ticket Prices:

Charles Bender Performing Arts Center:

611 Higgins Street, Humble, TX 77338

Show Notes:

Venue - Klein United Methodist Church  5920 FM 2920, Spring 77388
Vocal + Dance Auditions – Friday, February 28th
Callbacks – Saturday, February 29th

You must be enrolled in a spring session class in order to sign up for an audition time slot. To sign up for a vocal audition time slot or edit the time slot:
  • Log into your CYT family account through the website.
  • Navigate to the family member on your dashboard.
  • Click the Tools drop down box and choose Auditions.
  • Appointment times may be edited here.
Vocal Auditions: February, 28th from 4-5:30p & resumes again after dance auditions at 7:45p
You will have 2 minutes to shine! All those auditioning should be prepare a 1 minute song, and perform a minute or less monologue. Choose song from a musical that showcases your range and most importantly reveals your character, paying close attention to the Director’s Vision Statement (scroll up on this page).There is no specific genre requirement. You will be asked to stop if the audition exceeds 2 minutes.

The deadline to submit the audition packet and music upload is Wednesday, February 26th. Uploading your audition music ensures an efficient and smooth audition experience. IF YOU MISS THIS DEADLINE, PLEASE BRING YOUR MUSIC ON YOUR OWN DEVICE and make sure it can be plugged in to a speaker, not Bluetooth. See links below to upload.

My Son Pinocchio, Jr. Audition Packet

My Son Pinocchio, Jr. Audition Music Upload

Below are some websites to help with the audition music upload.

YouTube to MP3:
MP3 online cutter:
To change the key of an MP3:
To change the tempo of a song:

Dance Auditions: February, 28th from 6-7:30p
All those auditioning should attend dance auditions and will be taught choreography to perform with a group. Please wear something comfortable clothing appropriate for dancing and jazz shoes if you have them.
What to bring to auditions:
  • Lots of enthusiasm and a smile!
  • Costume Form and Production Fee Form
  • Audition music, just in case, should be downloaded to the link above, but you may want to bring a back-up device. 
  • 2 Headshots – This does not have to be fancy. A current 4x6 or 5x7 headshot will be perfect.
  • Production Fees – We can accept credit cards, checks, or cash.
  •  A labeled water bottle and there is a water fountain you can use for refills.
What to wear:
Auditioning is like a job interview.  It’s unnecessary to wear a suit, but don’t wear shorts and flip flops. Avoid dressing similarly to a character in the show. For dance auditions, wear something comfortable and appropriate for dancing like athletic shorts and a t-shirt. Wear jazz shoes if you have them, but they are not a necessity. Most students like to change out of dance attire and freshen up, if they their vocal audition time slot is after dance auditions.

Callbacks: February 29th beginning at 11am
A link to the callback sides will be posted here and on the Facebook group by Friday, February 21st. These are posted to help you be prepared should you receive a callback. Please use this valuable resource and review all possible roles!
Not everyone will receive a callback, and not all characters are called back. Callbacks will be posted to your account early Saturday morning along with an email detailing a callback schedule with times by role.

The cast list will be posted through the family accounts on evening of Tuesday, March 3rd. It will be posted on the website publicly 24 hours after notifying the cast.

Venue - Klein United Methodist Church 
Fridays 6:00pm-9:00pm*
Saturdays 9:00am-3:00pm*
*Call times may vary and will be posted each week on the Callboard by Wednesday evening.
Rehearsal Schedule:
March 6-7
March 13-14
March 20-21
March 27-28
April 3-4
April 17-18
April 24-25
May 1-2

Mandatory Parent Meetings -  Saturday, March 7th @ 9:30am; Saturday, May 2nd @ 9:30am
Feedback Sessions – March 21st after rehearsal
Promo Pics - March 28th after rehearsal
Character Portraits –  April 18th
School Day Show - May 7th @ 9:30am, Charles Bender Performing Arts Center
Tech Week - May 3-7 
Performances - May 8-10, Charles Bender Performing Arts Center

Artistic Team:
Director – Christopher St James
Vocal Director – Veronica Amandola
Choreographer – Hannah Weaver
Intern – Emily Van Eaton
Intern – Reagan Smalley

For more information, please visit CYT Houston's Parent Hub.

Please email the show coordinator, Crystal St James, at with any questions. If you are on Facebook, please join our CYT Houston’s My Son Pinocchio, Jr. 2020 Facebook group!

Parent Meeting

Saturday, March 7th 9:30am

Mandatory Parent Meeting Breakfast Saturday, March 7th @ 9:30am and Saturday, May 2nd @ 9:30am



Geppetto is a lonely toymaker who longs to be a father. We are looking for a mature actor with the ability to embody Geppetto’s multiple dimensions including tenderness, gentleness, frustration, anger, disapproval, self-doubt, and some humor. We are looking for a strong singer with a gentle and rich sound. Geppetto carries several songs. Gender: Male Vocal range top: F5 Vocal range bottom: Bb3


Pinocchio is a wooden puppet who wants to make his new dad proud, but he’s also confused and easily distracted by boyish temptations. The actor should be capable of adequately portraying youthful innocence and foolishness as well as some of Pinocchio’s more sincere moments of growth, be comfortable acting and walking “wooden”, and should have a cheery and BRIGHT quality to their speaking and singing voice. Although Pinocchio is a boy, the role can be played by a boy or girl. Vocal range top: E5 Vocal range bottom: G3

Blue Fairy

The Blue Fairy appears vain, competitive, and insufferable, but has a genuine desire to do good. This character should be able to capture the elegance of a princess, while commanding the stage as a sometimes comedic narrator. Will require chemistry with the other fairies, and should stand out as a leader. Gender: Female Vocal range top: E5 Vocal range bottom: G3


Rosa, Viola & Arancia, fairies in training, are sweet and kind, and working diligently to earn their wings. The performers in these roles should be expressive observers since they often oversee the action occurring onstage during flashbacks. They sing as a group, often alongside the Blue Fairy. Each actor should be comfortable developing her own character to distinguish herself from the others, but they should all be sweet, and loyal and submissive to the Blue Fairy, their mentor. Gender: Female Vocal range top: E5 Vocal range bottom: G3


Sue’s parents made her enter the Fairy training program, and she would rather be somewhere else. Vocally, Sue should be able to blend in with the fairies in training, but her character stands out. We are looking for someone who can make this character their own. Sue can be, does not have to be, obnoxious. She just doesn’t like conformity and doesn’t want to be exactly like her fellow fairies in training.


Stromboli is a bumbling, loud, incompetent puppeteer who has at least a few screws loose. It is up to the actor where to strike the balance between dark and silly, but ideally this would be somewhere in the middle. Must have a leadership quality and appear natural controlling his marionettes. Gender: Male Vocal range top: F5 Vocal range bottom: Bb3

Professore Buongrazzo

Professore Buongrazzo is a charismatic and passionate mad scientist obsessed with building perfect children. He is energetic and passionate about his science, and most of all he prioritizes customer service! He has a commanding and mature voice. Gender: Male Vocal range top: C#4 Vocal range bottom: Bb3


Junior is Professore Buonragazzo's mirror image assistant, created using the child-making machine. The performer in this role will need to work closely with the performer playing the Professor to mimic his movements and mannerisms. This is a fun role with a great solo part for a smaller actor. Gender: Any Vocal range top: C#5 Vocal range bottom: Bb3


The Ringleader runs Pleasure Island. The performer playing this role should have a real sense of showmanship, and should appear fun and tempting to children seeking adventure, but with the ability to quickly show their dark side. The Ringleader can be either male or female. Gender: Any Vocal range top: E5 Vocal range bottom: A3

Signora Giovanni

Signora Giovanni is Pinocchio's teacher. This is a fun speaking part for an adult character who doesn’t mind sounding very judgmental while scolding Geppetto. Gender: Female


Bernardo & Maria are married residents of Idyllia who are looking to purchase a "perfect" daughter from Professore Buonragazzo. Should have good chemistry and ability to play off Maria, and comedic timing. Gender: Male


Bernardo & Maria are married residents of Idyllia who are looking to purchase a "perfect" daughter from Professore Buonragazzo. Should have good chemistry and ability to play off Bernardo, and comedic timing. Gender: Female


Talia is the "perfect child" created for Maria and Bernardo by Professore Buonragazzo's machine. Talia sings and dances to impress her parents, and a great opportunity for a featured dance solo. Can smile from ear to ear and brighten up the room with her voice. Gender: Female Vocal range top: C4 Vocal range bottom: C3

Boy 1

Boy 1 is the first replacement for Pinocchio, created by Professore Buonragazzo's machine. This character should be have a crisp clear voice and a giant smile. He should embody the “perfection” of the children of Idylla. Gender: Male Vocal range top: C4 Vocal range bottom: C3

Boy 2

Boy 2 is the second replacement for Pinocchio. He will be comfortable acting “wooden” like Pinocchio. Gender: Male Vocal range top: C4 Vocal range bottom: C3


Marionettes are the stringed puppets in Stromboli's show. This is a fun featured opportunity with several solos. The performer should be very comfortable with physical comedy and using their body (acting like stringed puppets, flopping around etc.) Gender: Any Vocal range top: E5 Vocal range bottom: Bb3

Town Children

The Town Children (Dante, Agata, Fiorello, Francesca, Adriana, Luigi, Gina, Lia, Rico) love the toys in Geppetto's shop. The performers cast in these roles should be able to create individual personalities for their characters. Gender: Any

Town Parents

Town Parents (Signora Lisi, Signore Fucito, Signora Mancini, Signor Alcamo, SIgnora Sommelia, Signora Contrastana, Signora Rosati, Signore Proto, Signore Marino) are the beleaguered mothers and judgmental fathers of the town children. The performers cast in these roles should be able to create individual personalities for their characters. Gender: Any

Children Of Idyllia

Children of Idyllia (Amelia, Salvatore, Carla, Lucia, Giuseppe, Boy 1, Boy 2) are the perfect children created by Professore Buonragazzo. These children should be cheery perfect with a Who-like spirit, with just a slightly disturbing hint of a robotic character just below the surface. Gender: Any


Animals (Pig, Foxes, Horse) serve as voices of reason for Geppetto's journey. Comic timing and deadpan delivery are essential. These performers should be comfortable inhabiting the mismatched animals they portray. Gender: Any


Roustabouts are the sidekicks to Pleasure Island's Ringleader. These characters need a healthy dose of rowdiness and a lot of energy. Gender: Any


Delinquents (Malvolio, Brutto, Sporco, others) can expand to include more performers. These are great roles for rambunctious kids with some fun speaking lines. Also, must be comfortable turning into donkeys! Gender: Any