Parent Hub: Everything a Show Parent (& Student) Needs - All in One Place!

This Parent Hub page is for parents with kids in a CYT production. This is your "one stop shop" for all information and forms related to the show; everything from the audition process  to parent production teams to the special event party. If you are looking for information and forms related to CYT Classes, please go to the Classes web page.

How Are Parents Involved in the Show?

Unlike many children’s theater programs, parents are essential to CYT. Not only does CYT welcome parents to all aspects of our program, CYT requires parent involvement at a number of levels. First and foremost, CYT depends on parents to get their children to class, to rehearsals, and to shows prepared and on time.

If your child is cast in a show, there are two mandatory Parent Meetings.  One is on the first rehearsal weekend, the second a few weeks before the show opens. You will recieve the information you need for the weeks to come. Each cast member must have at least one parent (or representative 18 years or older) attend these meetings.

Likewise, at least one parent (or adult family representative) is required to be involved in preparing for the session production. CYT has found that “Parent Production Teams” are the best way to get the essential jobs done! You will actively serve on one of the many Parent Production Teams throughout preparation for the show and/or during the show. Working side by side enables families to share a common goal.
Is this your first show? Here's a quick timeline-based overview of what to expect:

 1. Classes - you need to sign up in order to be in a show
 2. Auditions - you need to sign up to get an audition time
 3. Callbacks - you may or may not get called back for more auditioning
 4. Parent Meeting - if you are cast, this meeting is a must for parents/guardians
 5. Show Crew - if you are not cast, you can still sign up to volunteer for Show Crew
 6.  Rehearsals - typically, 2 times per week for 8-10 weeks
 7. Production Teams - parents meet during rehearsal to work on their pre-production teams
 8. 2nd Parent Meeting - discuss show committees 
 9. Performances - there are 4-8 performances and there may be 1-2 school-day shows, as well. 
10. Strike - after the last show, everybody cleans up and then we have our strike party!

Rinse and Repeat

Rehearsal Schedule

Commonly, our rehearsals begin the week after auditions when the cast meets on Friday evening and Saturdays.  Times may vary.  Visit the individual show page for times specific to a certain production.

Tech Week begins the Sunday before the first performance.  A Tech Week Schedule will be generated. We do everything we can to get students out by 9:30 pm, especially if it is a school night, but there are times when circumstances require keeping them a bit longer.  This information will be relayed to the families as soon as we know, so you can plan accordingly. 

KidPower @ CYT

"You have the right to be treated with safety & respect everywhere you go.  You also have the responsibility to act safely and respectfully towards yourself and others."
This series of Videos is specifically designed to teach students to set boundaries and create a safe environment at CYT!
Password: kidpower23

How do I know if I have a callback?

When you log into your account, click on TOOLS next to the auditioner's name.  Then click AUDITIONS.  There will be a box specifically for callbacks.  Typically it's yellow.  It will look like the image below.