There are three forms that committee members typically need.  

TAX EXEMPT FORM - This form is to be used anytime you are making purchases for CYT.  
Lowe's, Home Depot, and JoAnn's - we have accounts there and you should not need this form, but I would always take one, just in case. Check the manual for your committee and it should have the information listed for our accounts under the FINANCIAL section.

Walmart requires that you have a card and you can get one of those at the Customer Service Counter.  We are listed in their system as 

Sams will not accept this form.  CYT has a tax exempt membership with them, so if you need to purchase from Sams, contact your Chapter Coordinator and they will have Mary Ramsower place the order as a tax exempt purchase.

Danny's Trix and Kix has an account for us.  If you let me know, in advance, that you are going over there for makeup/hair/costume stuff, I can add you to the approved list and you do not need to pay at the time.  They will invoice us.  But if your name is not on the list, they won't let you charge it to the account.
REIMBURSEMENT FORM - We would prefer you use one of our Associate Cards rather than your own money, for several reasons.  

First, you shouldn't be spending your personal money on CYT stuff.  

Secondly, when it comes from our account, we can keep a much closer watch on budgets and how close we are getting when we have the information as soon as the purchase is made.  If a committee spends more than their budget allows, then they are spending money from someone else's budget, so we need to be vigilant about getting these reimbursements turned in within a week of the purchase being made so that the Chapter Coordinator has a current picture of where each committee's budget is at.  If you use your own money, we have no way of knowing the purchase was made and may assume there is money left in the committee budget for something else.  It is your responsibility to get the receipts and form turned in. 
We appreciate it when families spend their own money and then decide to not request reimbursement.  We understand that you are trying to help CYT, but there is a better way.  

When we choose shows, especially when we have produced them previously, we look at what the cost to produce it was, the last time.  If we had people who purchased with their own money and didn't request reimbursement, it will make it appear that the show cost less to produce than it really did.

If you are feeling led to help CYT in a monetary way, please submit the reimbursement as requested.  Let us reimburse you so that it shows up as a cost to the show.  And then, if you wish, you can donate that money back to CYT once you receive your reimbursement.  Then you get it as a tax write-off, it shows as a donation to the organization and we have a truer picture of what a show costs to produce.

CYT would not be able to do what it does if it wasn't for our phenomenal families.  One of the wonderful things about CYT is that, while the students are working on learning the show, parents, grandparents and siblings are working behind the scenes.  When we hit the stage, it is a culmination of everyone's hard work to create something to entertain our patrons and give glory to God for the individual talents he has given to each person who was a part of the show.

Mary Ramsower

Souvenir Chair Training Videos

These videos were made to help Souvenir Chairs get started in machform and how to prepare the form for orders.  Videos 1a & b walk you through how to edit the form, set the prices, etc.  Video 2 is how to access orders.

Warehouse Resources

Please utilize the resources in our warehouse where possible.

Donation Receipt

Donation Receipt - This can be given to Businesses or Individuals who donate money, gift cards, or items.  

Budget Tracker

This is a Budget Tracker sheet the Chair can use to keep track of the expenses and then turn in on the last day of the show.