As the half-blood son of a Greek god, Percy Jackson has newly-discovered powers he can't control, a destiny he doesn't want, and a mythology textbook's worth of monsters on his trail. When Zeus's master lightning bolt is stolen and Percy becomes the prime suspect, he has to find and return the bolt to prove his innocence and prevent a war between the gods. But to succeed on his quest, Percy will have to do more than catch the thief. He must travel to the Underworld and back; solve the riddle of the Oracle, which warns him of betrayal by a friend; and come to terms with the father who abandoned him. Adapted from the best-selling book The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan and featuring a thrilling original rock score, The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical is an action-packed mythical adventure "worthy of the gods" (Time Out New York).

Dates / Times:

  • Friday, May 10th @ 7:00pm
  • Saturday, May 11th @ 2:00pm
  • Saturday, May 11th @ 7:00pm
  • Sunday, May 12th @ 2:00pm
  • Friday, May 17th @ 7:00pm
  • Saturday, May 18th @ 2:00pm
  • Saturday, May 18th @ 7:00pm
  • Sunday, May 19th @ 2:00pm

Ticket Prices:

The Crighton Theatre:

234 N Main Street, Conroe, TX 77301

Show Notes:

Show Verse - Matthew 5:5-9 ESV
Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth. Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied. Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy. Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God. 

Directors' Vision Statement
Lightning Thief is the story of a boy, an outcast, who struggles to understand his differences and desires to know his father. Despite being unaware of the gifts he inherited from his father, he has an innate ability to tap into them, without ever having been told about them or taught how to use them. As Christians, we desire to know our Father. We strive to display the gifts he has blessed us with in a way that honors him, in the same way Percy desires to know and make his Father proud.

Percy Jackson is an 8th grade boy, living in New York, navigating dyslexia, ADHD, a single parent household, and trying to be like the rest of the kids in his class. He is struggling to understand why he can’t just fit in and feel normal. But as we journey with Percy we find out he’s a demigod, the son of Poseidon, and it’s the things that make him different from the “normal” kids that equip him for his quest and make him elite.

The book series and story of Percy Jackson are largely successful because of his relatability. Percy is no different than any other tween or teen in many ways. The teen years are a difficult chapter of life to embrace the things that make you different. However we are all fearfully and wonderfully made and God creates each of us with different gifts and interests that make us unique, and those are the things that make us special.

This musical is filled with lots of fun opportunities for stage time. It is important to know and understand the characters of the show when deciding if it is right for you. Percy is an 8th-grade Demigod, the other students and campers should read as around the same age. We also encounter the adults in his life, as well as many creatures and characters from Greek Mythology who will need to read older than Percy on stage.

The style of the music is another element to take into consideration when choosing if a show is right for you. Lightning Thief is modern, with elements of Pop, Rock, and a touch of Metal. Familiarize yourself with the music and play around with how the songs fit into your voice. Remember to choose a song in the style of the musical. Many bands and artists have musicals based off their music that would offer some great audition material for this show.

We are so excited to bring this production to the stage! We’ve been brushing up on our Greek Mythology, along with all things Percy Jackson. It would not hurt to read or listen to the first Percy Jackson book. The book allows a better foundation and understanding of some details that the script references without much context. Reading the book will only enhance your understanding of the script.

We look forward to seeing each and every one of you who comes out to audition! We have been and will continue to be praying for everyone involved in the process of bringing this show to life. 

Love your Directors,
Christina and Lisa
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Parent Audition Workshop: 
We will have a mandatory parent meeting for all parents that have children auditioning for a Spring 2024 show. This meeting is to give important information about auditions and the CYT show process. We will have an audition workshop for the students and a parent info meeting from 6:30pm - 7:30pm. Students will be in one area, while parents will be in another. 
   Spring Location - Monday, February 19
   Conroe Location - Tuesday, February 20 (Facebook Live)
   Kingwood Location - Tuesday, February 20
Venue - Klein United Methodist Church 
February 23rd: Vocal + Dance Auditions (Dance auditions for everyone on this day from 6:45-7:45.)  
February 24th: Callbacks

You must be enrolled in a Spring session class to sign up for an audition time slot. To sign up for a vocal audition time slot or edit the time slot:
  • Log into your CYT family account through the website.
  • Navigate to the family member on your dashboard.
  • Click the Tools drop-down box and choose Auditions.
  • Appointment times may be edited here.
You will have 2 minutes to shine! All those auditioning should prepare a selection from a song and a monologue - you can divide the 2 minutes in whatever way you choose. Choose a song that showcases your range, is confidently prepared and most importantly reveals your character, paying close attention to the Director’s Vision Statement (scroll up on this page). 
You will be asked to stop if the audition exceeds 2 minutes, but this does not count against you. 
Please bring your music converted and precut on your device. We will have an aux cord and adapter for both iphone and android available. We will not Bluetooth devices since this takes time away from the audition process. 

Once you have signed up for an audition time slot, I will email you an audition packet that needs to be completed. 
The deadline to submit the audition packet is Wednesday, FEBRUARY 21st, at noon.

Venue - Klein United Methodist Church
Fridays (6:00pm-9:30pm) & Saturdays (9:30-3:00pm)
Call times may vary and will be posted each week on the Callboard by Wednesday evening.
Rehearsal Schedule:
March 1 & 2
March 8 & 9 
March 15 & 16
March 22 & 23
April 5 & 6 
April 12 & 13
April 20 (Saturday only)
April 26 & 27
May 3 & 4

Mandatory Parent Meetings - March 1st - 8:00 PM, April 26th - 8:00 PM
Promo Pics - TBD
Character Portraits –  TBD
Tech Week - The Crighton Theater
May 5 - 9 
Performances - The Crighton Theater
May 10 - 12
May 17 - 19 

Show Coordinator: Hannah Watson 
Artistic Team: 
Co-Director/Vocal Director - Christina Haynes
Co-Director/Vocal Director - Lisa Woods
Assistant Director - Sunnie Curda
Choreographer - Courtney Laird

Please email the show coordinator, Hannah Watson at with any questions.

For more information, please visit CYT Houston's Parent Hub.


Halfblood: Percy Jackson

Son of Poseidon, a good kid with a teenage temper

Halfblood: Annabeth

Daughter of Athena, smarter than you

Halfblood: Grover

A happy-go-lucky satyr, like a hippie kid with hooves.

Prologue Ensemble: Halfbloods

Prologue Ensemble: Greek Gods

Prologue Ensemble: Statues

Prologue Ensemble: Museum Tour Guides

Prologue Ensemble: Parent Chaperones

Prologue Ensemble: Classmates

Sally Jackson

Percy’s hard-working mother

Halfblood: Luke

Son of Hermes, cool camp counselor

Halfblood: Clarisse

Halfblood: Silena Beauregard

Halfblood: Katie Gardner

Halfblood: Styx

Halfblood: Merlot

Halfblood: Chardonnay

Halfblood: Dorothy

Halfblood: Fawn

Halfblood: Archer

Mr. Brunner aka Chiron

Wise centaur, part-time Latin teacher

Mr. D aka Dionysus

God of wine, snarky camp director


A voice in a pit

Mrs. Dodds

A Fury posing as a substitute algebra teacher


God of the sea, salty beach bum





God of war, rock star in leather pants




Ferryperson to the Underworld


God of the dead, aging rock star type


Aunt Em (Medusa)



Gabe Ugliano

Percy’s foul stepfather

Strong Ensemble: Beach Goers


Half-man, half-bull

The Weirdest Dream Ensemble: Sea Creatures

The Oracle

a hippie mummy

The Echoes


Lost Ensemble: Squirrel

Avid sculptor

Lost Ensemble: Bus Driver

Lost Ensemble: Greyhound Passenger 1

Lost Ensemble: Greyhound Passenger 2

Lost Ensemble: Greyhound Passenger 3

Drive Ensemble: Train Conductor

Drive Ensemble: Echidna

Mother of monsters

Drive Ensemble: Farmer

Drive Ensemble: Bianca

A mysterious girl in 1930’s clothes

Drive Ensemble: Bianca's Brother

Drive Ensemble: Cameraperson

Drive Ensemble: Boom Mic Operator

Drive Ensemble: Newscaster

Drive Ensemble: Train Passengers

Drive Ensemble: Evacuees

Drive Ensemble: Field Hands

Drive Ensemble: Dressed for the Decades

Drive Ensemble: Carwash Crew

Drive Ensemble: Construction Workers

Drive Ensemble: Waitress

Drive Ensemble: Hitchhikers


Daughter of Zeus, tough

Little Thalia

Little AnnaBeth

Little Grover

Little Luke


DOA Ensemble: James Brown

DOA Ensemble: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

DOA Ensemble: Kurt Cobain

DOA Ensemble: Janis Joplin

DOA Ensemble: DJ Cerberus

DOA Ensemble: Concert Groupees

DOA Ensemble: The Dead Backup Singers

DOA Ensemble: Vienna Boys Choir

DOA Ensemble: Hades Ladies

Son of Poseidon: Water Dancers

Son of Poseidon: Water

Percy Jackson (Cover)

Annabeth (Cover)

Grover (Cover)

Luke (Cover)

Clarisse (Cover)

Charon (Cover)

Mr. Brunner AKA Chiron (Cover)

Sally (Cover)

Mr. D (Cover)

Ares (Cover)

Poseidon (Cover)