CAMPS Applications

Are you interested in joining our CAMPS team? CYT is looking for energetic, enthusiastic Counselors and qualified leaders in the areas of Voice, Drama, Dance, and Coordinating.

Apply by March 15th!

Summer Stock questions:

Day Camp questions:
Are you high energy, experienced, and love working with kids???
Do you love CYT and our mission??
Then, apply today!
Camp staff includes professional local artists, CYT Production Artistic Teams, and theater specialists.
CYT aims to hire counselors who are great role models for our students. 

Social Media and Marketing Coordinator

CYT Houston is seeking a creative, engaged, and passionate Social Media and Marketing Coordinator!
Qualified applicants will have the following:
-Experience with Social Media promotion for business (Facebook, Insta, Tik Tok, etc)
-Up to date on current trends in social media
-Able to analyze website and internet patterns and make adjustments for marketing purposes
-Video marketing experience
-Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
-Non-profit experience is a plus!

*This is a part-time position

Teaching Artists

Being a CYT Teaching Artist is both a privilege and a challenge. You will be working with parents and students of various ages and backgrounds who have one basic thing in common – they want to be involved in children’s theater in a vibrant, uplifting, inclusive environment, and they want to have fun while doing it!

It is CYT’s belief that an enthusiastic, positive, well-organized teacher who has a love for theater and a love for children will be able to make a difference in the lives of children and families in our community. 

Basic Function:
To train and instruct students in a specified area of competence in such a way as to promote the development of character, self-esteem, and confidence.

  • Must understand CYT's Mission Statement and Values and Objectives and be willing to incorporate them when performing job-related tasks.
  • Must have theater experience and/or education pertaining to class being taught.
  • Must show evidence of ability to use appropriate and effective methods of instruction.
Operational Tasks:
  • Maintain a current application and updated employee information as requested by the Managing Director.
  • Plan a syllabus for the class, which meets the CYT Curriculum standards, and submit by email to the Coordinator no later than two weeks before classes begin, or as soon after employment as possible.
  • Maintain regular attendance.
  • Arrive to class at least 15 minutes early each week; do not leave class until all students have left.
  • Instruct students in designated area of competence, as contracted.
  • Read weekly Teacher Notes and communicate CYT business to students.
  • Support all CYT-related activities, including ticket contests and fundraisers.
  • Plan and direct a quality Showcase of class accomplishments.
  • Be a positive role model for all students at all times.
. . . in other words . . . A Great CYT Teacher . . .
  • Starts on time with a BANG!
    Always start on time and do something that the kids will not want to miss.

  • Has too-oo much to cover!
    Always be overly prepared and have too many activities to accomplish in one class period. Make sure the activities have a purpose and relate to theater arts. No Heads Up Seven Up!

  • Knows everyone by name!
    By the end of the second week, call every student by his or her first name.

  • Shows personal interest in every student!
    Ask students questions about themselves, their families, their interests, etc. Ask lots of questions. Notice when a student is absent; make phone call to follow up.

  • Stands Up!
    Never sit down. Stay on your feet and show alertness, readiness, and energy.

  • Is a Leader!
    You’re the boss, the leader, the one who is in control. Make sure you stay on task and lead with authority. If you don’t know the answer, admit it and then find out! Maintain a professional distance from your students. Remember: You are the teacher and they are the students, even when you’re not teaching!

  • Is “Plugged In”!
    Enthusiasm is contagious! Keep personal problems personal. When you walk into the classroom you are the greatest actor of all and must be energetic and on fire!

  • Is Positive!
    Give students lots of positive feedback - personal, behavior, and performance feedback! Teach, mentor, and believe in every student! Be honest and encouraging at all times!

  • Goes for the Gold!
    Expect excellence for and from your class. Have high goals and expect students to achieve them. Don’t settle for mediocrity.

  • Has Fun!
    If you’re having fun, so will your students. Make sure all students learn something about theater, make lots of friends, and have fun!

  • Touches a Life!
    Ask God to use you in the lives of you students. Pray for them. You have a greater impact than you think you have. CYT students look up to you - they are searching for a hero. Be one!

Artistic Team Members

Artistic Team Members must:
  • Have proficiency, passion and past experience in their expertises:
    • Director must know and love theater and know the various aspects of mounting a major production. He/She must know how to motivate actors, create stage pictures, inspire cast and crew and lead the entire company to reach their vision.
    • Musical Director must know how to read music (and play to some extent) and teach rhythm, melodies and harmonies.
    • Choreographer must know and love to teach various styles of dance and be able to tell a story and create stage pictures with movement and dance.
  • Love children, love working with children, and love to see growth in the lives of all children, not just the leads.
  • Be strong moral role models. The children look up to these individuals and the responsibility of being exemplary cannot be overstated. Because we are “Christian Youth Theater,” it is preferred that the Artistic Team understand what it is to be a Christian and live a Christian lifestyle.
  • Be Enthusiastic and encouraging. People always respond better to someone who is positive. Someone who consistently encourages and gives positive reinforcement or will accomplish much more than a leader who is negative, sarcastic and harsh.
  • Demand and strive for excellence. Artistic Team members must not be satisfied with mediocrity. They must be willing to put in the extra time and effort to make sure that a production is the best it can be all things considered
  • Be a team player. They must be excited and willing to work with other people on their artistic team. Each member must be committed to negotiation, compromise and submission to each other. The “good” of the “bigger picture” must be the focus.
  • Submissive to authority. Each person on the Artistic Team must be willing to submit to the guidelines of CYT and the Show Coordinator. The Show Coordinator has the final say on issues that may arise. Because the Coordinator knows the area, the parents, the facility and has a history of the children, the Coordinator is the one who is the constant thread that holds the CYT program together from session to session.

Current Staff Members:

Ashlie Driver

Ashlie’s family has been heavily involved with CYT/CCT since her daughter was invited by a friend to attend the Newsies camp in the summer of 2013. From that point on, they were hooked! Over the years, Ashlie has served as Director, Vocal Director and Teacher for our shows, camps and classes. She is honored and humbled to serve as Executive Director for CYT Houston because she is a firm believer in the mission of Claiming the Arts for Christ! She works to provide quality programming, polices and procedures for the CYT Houston families. In addition, Ashlie has worked in Worship and Music ministry for over 20 years and taught choir and music at both the elementary and high school level for 10 years. She is currently the Music Director for Klein United Methodist Church. Ashlie has a Bachelor of Music in Music Studies from the University of Texas at Austin and a Masters in Music Education with Choral Conducting Emphasis from the University of Houston.

Mary Ramsower

Mary's family has been a part of CYT Houston since the Spring of 2008. She began working as the Summer Camp Coordinator in the summer of 2010 and then became a Show Coordinator for 2 years. She has filled in as a Class Coordinator and Managing Director. Currently, she is now the Branch Administrator and the School Day Performance Coordinator.

Beth Stevenson

My family found CYT in the summer of 2017 when my son attended the Beauty and the Beast Summer Stock camp. My son auditioned for his first show a few weeks later and we have not stopped since. We were welcomed with loving arms and quickly became part of the CYT family. I have a Masters Degree in Accounting from Texas A&M University and have over 20 years of accounting and audit experience. I love all things musical theater and I LOVE to sing! I am blessed to be part of this organization and to serve your family.

Dee Willis

I have been a part of CYT since 2010 when my daughter joined this wonderful organization. She is now all grown up with kids of her own and I'm so happy to still be with CYT! I have a Bachelor's Degree in Music in Therapy from Sam Houston State University and I LOVE to sing! During the past 9 years I have been honored to serve at CYT in the capacity of Costumer, Teacher, Director, Vocal Director, Tour Group Director, Show Coordinator, and CYT@school Coordinator. I'm so blessed that God has given me the opportunity to work with so many talented individuals and to share His love with others through CYT!

Jen Shoemake

My journey with CYT began in 2015 when my then 7-year-old son was invited to CYT's production of Honk! at the Crighton Theater. He was enthralled with every aspect of the show and at that moment a theater kid was born; and in turn, a theater mom! In the last six years I have served the organization as a committee member and Chair, an Artistic Team intern, a teacher, a camp and show coordinator and am now honored to be the East Class Coordinator! The stage floor under my feet is my favorite place to be, and I am so excited to continue serving CYT's children and their families in this role. Helping children Claim the Arts for Christ is a true gift.

Pam Puente

I am a mom who found CYT in the fall of 2015 when my daughter took her first class. Then in the Spring of 2016, she did her first show and she was in love with theater. She had finally found her place. A place where she could learn new talents and make long-lasting friendships. Although I do not have a theater background, I have been a parent volunteer and chair on many different committees. I am married with two kids. In my free time, I love to spend it with my family, travel, and love on our three dogs. My favorite place to be other than home is the beach. I am excited about this new journey as a show coordinator and looking forward to getting to know your talented kiddos.

Kristie Erwin

CYT has been an integral part of our family since 2016 when my daughter attended her first summer camp. She has participated in countless classes, shows, camps, and events with CYT Houston since that time and our family has been beyond blessed through the process. I believe strongly in the mission and values of CYT and how they affect young people’s lives. I have served as a parent volunteer and often a committee chair for over 20 shows and am very excited to take on the role of Houston Class Coordinator. I hope in this role to share the wonderful world of theater in a God-centered environment where all are valued, and growth is treasured.

Stacey Brednich

Stacey began her CYT journey when her daughters attended camps and Our Gang classes. Her girls eagerly awaited turning 8 so they could be in their first show and then the whole family was hooked. Stacey began by serving on committees for shows and then was honored to serve the cast, crew, and artistic teams as a show coordinator. Coordinating gives her such a gift to see God's truth, "He makes everything beautiful in time", unfold through every production of CYT through the gifts and talents of so many. (Ecclesiastes 3:11)

Hannah Watson

Hannah is so excited to step into her new role on staff at CYT as a Show Coordinator! Her journey with CYT started in 2010 as a student and since then she has worn all the hats, from teacher, to intern, to assistant director and director. Hannah loves the unique opportunity that CYT provides to share her love of Jesus and theatre with the coolest kids around. She truly believes there is no better organization to be a part of, as a student or an adult. When Hannah is not at CYT she is home with her baby girls, anxiously awaiting the day they can join her on the stage!

Cat Whatley

Cat's journey with CYT started in the summer of 2018 when her daughter attended CYT camp and they have not ever looked back. She holds a Bachelor of Music degree in Music Education from Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University. Cat taught 5-8th Grade Orchestra and was active in her HS theater, choir, and orchestra programs. She and her husband, Wes, have four kids, two of whom are active in CYT. Cat is passionate about the arts and their ability to impact the lives of children. She is excited to help CYT claim the arts for Christ and to continue her journey with CYT as a Show Coordinator.

Julie Broussard


Courtney Laird

Courtney, a CYT Houston alum, is thrilled for the opportunity to serve the organization in this capacity! She obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in General Studies with an emphasis in art and design from Texas A&M University in 2019, and relocated to Orlando to work as a performer at Walt Disney World. The Lord redirected her path back to the Spring area, and has provided in ways she never imagined He would. Along with this role, she is the Lead Graphic Designer at WoodsEdge Community Church.

Brandon Christian

Howdy! I love all things music from performing to the production side. I've been in musical productions from elementary to Atascocita High School along with being in tech production since I was 12. I've also been on church worship staffs as a worship leader and production director and have been involved in large-scale church productions. I love being a part of this amazing CYT family. There's no other theater company like it!

David Horn

David Brooks Horn is a professional opera singer, director, and teacher, having performed with Houston Grand Opera for 12 years, and has even sung at Carnegie Hall. He has starred in numerous musicals and always enjoys the fellowship and fun. He has also been an instructor with CYT since 2009, and has directed many musicals with CYT through the years. He is currently the HYPE Adviser, and an Elementary Music Teacher and Choir Director. He is also the Contemporary Worship Leader at St. Dunstan's Episcopal. He is married to his beautiful wife, Diana, who is the Costume Director for CYT, and father to his son, Lucius.

Diana Horn

Diana has been sewing since she was 4 years old. She has garnered numerous associates degrees from Houston Community College in Costuming and Design. She has been volunteering with CYT Houston since 2010-2011 season, and was then offered a staff position in January of 2014. She is married to the HYPE Advisor David Horn, and their son, Lucius, loves attending all the CYT shows and camps! She is very blessed to have this position and loves what she does.

Nate Clark

Nate has been a part of CYT since his first show in 2010. He grew up performing on stage, but began additionally working on set pieces and in the backstage crew at the age of 13. He considers it a blessing to use his God-given skills to serve his CYT family! Since 2019, Nate has also cherished the opportunity to pass on his backstage knowledge to eager students through camps and classes. He currently works full time as a handyman, and is excited to put his design degree to use by keeping CYT’s set warehouse and workshop functioning efficiently! Colossians 3:23