Randy Reid

Chairman of the Board

Ari Kogut

Past Chairman of the Board

Ari Kogut has been involved with CYT Houston for over seven years as a parent and in the organization's leadership.  Ari is committed to making CYT as strong as possible so that it can continue to be a positive place for kids to thrive.  

Amy Kerne


Our CYT experience, in a word? “Fulfilling”. All I could hope for, as a parent of two young children, was to find an activity that they enjoyed, one that taught them life-lessons (and life-skills)...and, if possible, one that my husband and I also found engaging. CYT Houston has become a home away from home for my girls, and has filled a space in my own life that I didn’t know was missing until we began this wonderful journey. I am always happy to talk about what CYT means to my family, so feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have. 

Gabby Allen

Member at Large

Doug Berry

Member at large

Our first exposure to CYT was a Summer Stock camp program. After seeing how our son loved it, we were all hooked. Our whole family is now a “CYT Family” with my Wife and Daughter also heavily involved. I'm always amazed with the process and how each and every show displays a level of professionalism.

Phillip Harris

Member at Large

Bernie Kadlubar

Member at Large

​​​​​​​After years of participating in the Super Friday Homeschool CYT program, we made the jump to “Big CYT” in 2021, and the unconditional support and welcoming we witnessed confirmed we had found our community.  Our daughter will be joining CYT soon, so it will truly be a family affair. CYT has been a tremendous blessing to our family, and I am proud to serve on the board to hopefully bring the CYT experience to those families yet to come. 

Christina Sato

Member at Large

Christina is a professional actor represented by Spark Talent Agency. The Conroe, Texas native is passionate about encouraging others to use their talents for God’s glory. After living in Europe for twelve years, she and her family returned to Texas in 2017. Since then she has enjoyed performing on stage, especially with her three children. Her first experience with CYT was attending a performance of Les Misérables. She was blown away by the talent and professionalism of the young actors, and overjoyed to learn that CYT is claiming the arts for Christ.    

Kent Yeates

Member at Large