Randy Reid

Chairman of the Board

Julie Kabell


All four of my kids got involved in CYT four years ago and have loved every minute of it.  Being new to the area, they found an instant group of friends in CYT, and my husband and I have had a great time, too, helping out with sets, props, souvenirs, and serving on the CYT board.  Our whole family has found CYT to be an organization well worth investing in!

Ari Kogut

Past Chairman of the Board

Ari Kogut has been involved with CYT Houston for over seven years as a parent and in the organization's leadership.  Ari is committed to making CYT as strong as possible so that it can continue to be a positive place for kids to thrive.  

Doug Berry

Member at large

Our first exposure to CYT was a Summer Stock camp program. After seeing how our son loved it, we were all hooked. Our whole family is now a “CYT Family” with my Wife and Daughter also heavily involved. I'm always amazed with the process and how each and every show displays a level of professionalism.

Stephen Driver

Member at large

Shawn McEvilly

Member at large

Jodie Schrier

Member at large

I was first introduced to CYT while choreographing for another production company, a few CYT students were part of the cast.  I noticed them right away because of their work ethics.  Not only were they strong technically, but also very coachable, punctual, and respectful.  This is a fabulous organization and I am honored to be a part of its growth!

Johnny Toppass

Member at large

Mark Wilson

Member at large