The year is 1958, and the much-adored rock-and-roll idol -- Conrad Birdie -- has been drafted into the US army. His songwriter and agent, Albert, and Albert’s secretary and some-time girlfirend, Rosie, hatch a plan for a farewell performance to take place on The Ed Sullivan Show, which they hope will help sell Birdie’s new song “One Last Kiss,” and ultimately save Almaelou records from going under. To cap off the performance, Birdie will actually give ‘one last kiss’ to Kim MacAfee, an avid member of the Conrad Birdie fan club from Sweet Apple, Ohio.

When Albert and Rosie head to Sweet Apple to prepare for Birdie’s arrival, things start to unravel. Kim’s father is starstruck at the thought of being on The Ed Sullivan Show with his daughter, and Kim’s new steady, Hugo gets jealous at the thought of Kim kissing Conrad on national television.

CYT Houston adheres to CDC guidelines in encouraging staff and patrons to wear protective masks while attending performances to reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19.  CYT Houston will defer to the guidelines of each individual performance venue and/or to any new state or local ordinance. By purchasing this ticket, each individual patron acknowledges and assumes the risk of contact with individuals with or without protective masks in attendance at a CYT Houston performance.

Dates / Times:

  • Friday, Jul 17th @ 7:00pm
  • Saturday, Jul 18th @ 2:00pm
  • Saturday, Jul 18th @ 7:00pm
  • Sunday, Jul 19th @ 2:00pm

Ticket Prices:

Charles Bender Performing Arts Center:

611 Higgins Street, Humble, TX 77338

Show Notes:

Klein United Methodist Church
5920 FM - 2920 Spring, Tx. 77338

Fridays 6:00pm - 9:30pm
Saturdays 9:30am - 4:00pm
*Call times may vary and will be posted each week on the Callboard by Wednesday evening. 

Rehearsal Schedule:
June 12-13
June 19-20
June 26-27
July 3
July 10-11

Mandatory Parent Meeting: July 10 @ 7:00
Character Portraits: TBD

Charles Bender Performing Arts Center
Tech Week:
July 12-16
Performances: July 17 -19

Artistic Team:
Director/Choreographer - Tony Smith
Assistant Director - Abby Cleverly
Vocal Director - Krista Broomhead
Intern - Stephanie Cleverly 

Please email the show coordinator, Robyn Flanery, with any questions. 

If you are on Facebook, please join our CYT Houston's Bye Bye Birdie group.

For more information, please visit CYT Houston's Parent Hub

Parent Meeting

Friday, July 10th 7:00pm

Mandatory Parent Meeting: July 10 @ 7:00


Albert Peterson

Rosie Alvarez

Conrad Birdie

Kim Macafee

Mrs. Doris Macafee

Mr. Harry Macafee

Randolph Macafee

Mrs. Mae Peterson

Hugo Peabody

Ursula Merkle




Deborah Sue


Harvey Johnson


Edna (Mayor's wife)

Gloria Rasputin

Mr. Johnson


Maude's Dishwasher

Maude's First Customer

Maude's Second Customer



Mrs. Merkle

Ed Sullivan's Voice

1 Sad Girl

Teen Ensemble

Advanced Dancers

Dance Captains

Sweet Apple Shriners

Sweet Apple Parents



Cover - Albert

Cover - Conrad Birdie

Cover - Kim Macafee

Cover - Mr. Macafee

Cover - Mrs. Macafee

Cover - Ursula

Cover - Hugo Peabody

Cover - Deborah Sue